How to Choose Best Cheap Electric Skateboards under 500 – A Buying Guide

Choosing a good electric skateboard is not an easy thing even for seasoned users. Newer and better versions are always being released. You may lack adequate knowledge to distinguish a good piece form a not-so-good piece. In addition, you may lack the time and patience to look at the offers in the market and compare them. The good news, however, is that we will show you the key things to look at when looking for the best electric skateboards.

How to Choose Fastest and Best Cheap Electric Skateboards under $500


The boards come in different sizes to cater for the many different users. What may be a good option for you may not be so reliable for another person. A heavier user needs a unit, which is more solid and stronger to handle the larger weight. A smaller or lighter person may get away with a skateboard that is lighter. Before buying an item, it is essential that you first understand the different sizes. Thereafter, you need to match them to your height and weight.


The materials used to make the skateboards are as varied as the boards themselves. You will find maple, bamboo, composite wood, carbon fiber, and Canadian maple among other types. Bamboo is loved for its natural looks, lighter weight, and strong nature. Maple is also strong but may cost a bit more than bamboo. Composite wood is a cheaper option but may not be as tough as bamboo. Carbon fiber is very lightweight, strong but can be costly. Whichever the material, it is critical that you pick the sturdiest, durable and most effective.


You’ll find yourself carrying the board in many circumstances. This may be when in the house or a building. After it runs out of charge, or it is damaged. With this in mind, the last thing any skateboarder wants is struggling with a heavy board. Not only is this cumbersome but will also weigh him/her down. It will also affect movement and increases the possibility of the user accidentally dropping or banging the board against other objects. It is advisable to go for a unit that is lightweight and compact since it will be easy to carry.


It’s important to make certain the board not only handles the weight well but it is also stable. It will keep the user well balanced in different terrains and will still remain firm when taking corners and performing tricks. To achieve all this, a good product will have a good deck, truck, wheels, and bearings. It will handle the vibration, shock, extreme use and much more. The board’s surface/ finish will provide a firm non-slip grip to the feet. Good stability not only impr0ves the ride quality but also keeps the user safe.


Unlike the Normal skateboard that requires manual effort, this one depends on built-in hub motors. They will deliver power to the wheels, which saves the user from having to apply to much force or effort. However, motors are not built the same. It is therefore critical that you go for the best tope. It will have decent power for quick takeoffs and fast acceleration. It will have good torque to easily go ever inclines, bumps, and other terrains. The electric motor should also be energy efficient to extend the battery charge and stays cool even after extreme use.

Speed and range

One reason people go for the motorized skateboard is for easier movement. They want to reach a destination faster without using lots of effort. For a beginner, he/ she may feel okay with a slow speed unit. However, for an experienced person, higher speed is preferred. 15-25km/h speed is considered average whereas 25-45km/h speed targets the very experienced riders. The range is also important and the longer it is the better. This usually has to do with the battery capacity and the efficiency of the motor. However, the range will decline if riding uphill compared to downhill.

Other important aspects include the Wheels, Maintenance Ease, Price, Remote Options, Performance, Style, and Control System.

In Conclusion

Owning the best electric skateboard shouldn’t take too much of your time. You also do not need to spend too much effort or rely on unfounded or limited information. The above read has shown you the most important things you need it to look out for. These are the size, material, weight, power, performance, reliability, range, maintenance ease, and price. With the best electric skateboard, you are more assured on a good experience and peace-of-mind


How to Choose which Electric Skateboard to Buy