How to Choose Best Cheap Electric Skateboards under 500 – A Buying Guide

Choosing a good electric skateboard is not an easy thing even for seasoned users. Newer and better versions are always being released. You may lack adequate knowledge to distinguish a good piece form a not-so-good piece. In addition, you may lack the time and patience to look at the offers in the market and compare them. The good news, however, is that we will show you the key things to look at when looking for the best electric skateboards.

How to Choose Fastest and Best Cheap Electric Skateboards under $500


The boards come in different sizes to cater for the many different users. What may be a good option for you may not be so reliable for another person. A heavier user needs a unit, which is more solid and stronger to handle the larger weight. A smaller or lighter person may get away with a skateboard that is lighter. Before buying an item, it is essential that you first understand the different sizes. Thereafter, you need to match them to your height and weight.


The materials used to make the skateboards are as varied as the boards themselves. You will find maple, bamboo, composite wood, carbon fiber, and Canadian maple among other types. Bamboo is loved for its natural looks, lighter weight, and strong nature. Maple is also strong but may cost a bit more than bamboo. Composite wood is a cheaper option but may not be as tough as bamboo.… Read More